Band Biography

Warhammer are a black/death metal band from Athens, Greece.

They started as a thrash metal project in 2012 and in November of 2012 they released the first demo which is called ‘’Warhammer’’.

The band released its first full length album entitled Mass Burial in November of 2013 (the album was released by Senseless Life Records).

The band has toured 3 times (a Balkan Tour in 2015, a European Tour in 2016 and a Latin American Tour in 2019) with more than 30 shows and festival appearances abroad.

In 2017 the band released their second full length album which entitle “At the threshold of eternity” by Sliptrick Records.

Appearance in “Serbia Metal Meeting”, a festival Nis (Serbia) organized by the band, in which there were bands from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia with positive critical acclaim in the Balkans.

In December of 2019 the band re-released the first album ‘’Mass Burial’’ and started producing their 3rd album. The band had announced a tour in Asia and Oceania for September 2020, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic it was postponed.

At the moment, Warhammer have finished with the recordings, mixing and mastering of their third album “Ashes and Cinders”, a death/black metal concept album and organize their upcoming tours and future plans.

Warhammer are:  Hercules Giotis (Guitars and Vocals), Dimitris Peppas (Guitars) and Fotene Paul (Bass guitars), Edoardo Di Santo (Session Drummer).

Warhammer Plans for 2021

Organizing  a monthly tour in Europe between November- December (depending on the Covid 19 pandemic)

Scheduling a tour in South Africa in November. There is already a deal with Devographic Management

One video clip, two Lyric videos, two visualiser video clips

New days for the tour in Asia, Australia and New Zealand which was to take place in September 2020 but postponed due to Covid – 19 Pandemic.

Merchandise production with CD’s, Vinyl, t-shirts, zippers and hoodies.

Artwork And Music Production


Ashes and Cinders is a concept album which depicts the life of a human who trying to face the mental problems that he has because of a loss. This album could remind a lot the seven stages of grief.

Artwork and Layout made by Jesus Lysta from Venezuela.

The album recorded in two parts and especially on July and October 2020 at Grindhouse Studios in Athens from George Bokos.

The whole production of the album, the mixing and the mastering, totally made by George Bokos too at Grindhouse Studios.

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