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Ashes and  Cinders – 2021.

  1. Retrieval
  2. Collateral Damage
  3. The Aftermath
  4. Dissocated
  5. Crack to Oblive
  6. Fiamma
  7. Lingering Shade
  8. Sightless Forms
  9. Tightrope
  10. Quandary

The Band

Warhammer are a black/death metal band from Athens Greece. The band established in Athens in 2012. Since then,  the band have performed a  lot of live shows and toured  three times in Balkans, in Europe and in Latin America, in order to promote their first and the second full length albums, ‘’Mass Burial’’ and ‘’At the threshold of Eternity’’. From 2020 they changed their music style from thrash metal to black/death metal which is certified by the upcoming release ‘’Ashes and Cinders’’.

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