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“WARHAMMER are a death/black metal band from Athens, Greece.
They started as a thrash metal project in 2012 and in November of 2012 they released the first demo which is called “Warhammer”, In 2013, the band had a stable lineup and in November of 2013 released its first full-length album entitled “Mass Burial”, which was released by “Senseless Life Records”.
Since 2014, Warhammer have toured 6 times, having set a mini Balkan tour in 2015, a European Tour in 2016, a Latin American Tour in 2019 among others with more than 50 shows and festival appearances abroad.
In 2017, the band released their second full-length album entitled “At the Threshold of Eternity”, released by “Sliptrick Records”. The same year, they organized Serbia metal meeting, a metal festival in Nis, Serbia, in which there were bands from Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia with positive critical acclaim in the Balkans.
In December 2019, the band re-released the first album “Mass Burial” as a self-financed release and started producing their 3rd album. The band had announced a tour in Asia and Oceania for September 2020, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic it was postponed.
In November 2021 the 3rd album “Ashes and Cinders” was released via Drakkar Productions, It’s the first album of the death/black era of the band. Also, in the same period, the band made a tour together with Batushka and Belphegor in Scandinavia, North Europe and the UK.
2022 found the band making a Balkan Tour with Batushka and Diabolical in April (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece), shot a video clip in Sweden for their song “Fiamma”, directed by Claudio Marino of Artax Film (Watain, Tribulation, Ghost). In November 2022, the band successfully completed a South American run of 17 shows spanning in 7 countries. 6 of these shows were co-headlined with Gaerea from Portugal. In the middle of December, Warhammer celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a special sold-out show in Athens.
Right now, the band is working on the pre-production of a new album which will be more guitar and sax oriented and is due to be recorded in Autumn 2023″


Hercules Giotis

Guitars and Vocals

Dimitris Peppas


Fotene Paul

Bass Guitars

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